12 Great habits to start the New Year!

With 2022 in the books and a start of a new year. It's time to begin some new and positive choices to kick those old bad habits we may have developed. Some of us will choose to start a fitness journey, pick up a hobby, or maybe change how we view life. You might be asking yourself “Where do I start?”. Well, don’t worry, here are 12 great habits to get your 2023 off on the right foot.

1. Health is wealth

This statement is very accurate. Living a healthy lifestyle can help reduce depression, disease, increase life expectancy, and all around well being. It doesn’t have to be an extreme workout or diet, but adding 30 minutes of fitness and small changes to our meals can make a big difference.

2. Manage your time

Time is one of the most valuable resources you have. You can’t  buy it or create it, and once it’s gone, it’s lost forever. Try planning daily task or making a “Not to do” list to manage your days. (Also, it’s okay to say “No” if it interferes with your time.)

3. Watch what you consume

Too much TV, social media, alcohol, and junk food can hurt our minds and bodies. Remember, everything in moderation. Try to limit some of these vices and reward yourself over time for not overindulging. (And don’t overdo the rewards.)


4. Peace of mind

Keeping a healthy mental state is important. If it adds unnecessary tension to your life, then step away from it. We can’t help what life throws are way but we can control how we react.

5. Write down goals

Write down what you want to accomplish and create a system to get it done. Make a game of it and enjoy the process.

6. Bite-size chunks

If the task or goal seems overwhelming, well, it break-down into smaller, more achievable actions. Watch as that once-hulking obstacle become a tiny hurdle in no time.

7. Drink more water

Getting the recommended daily intake of water has great benefits. Drinking water helps prevent dehydration and kidney stones. It also helps with weight management and lubricates joints, the spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues. Our bodies are made of the stuff, so why not drink it.

8. Plan your day

Best way to keep your day organized is to create a schedule. You can use a digital or physical calendar, notepad, or other numerous apps to keep your life on track.

9. Go play

Our lives tend to be busy and remembering to do things we enjoy can be tough. Take time out for some much-deserved self-care. Go for a hike, play video games, or read that book that’s been sitting on the shelf. No matter what it is, be sure to enjoy yourself.

10. Get some sleep

Hustle culture may tell you not to rest but studies show that a proper night's sleep help reduces stress, improves physical health, promotes clear thinking, and raises productivity. Recharge that battery buddy!

11. Master the stove

It may be convenient to grab something quick or order takeout, but most likely it isn’t the healthiest or most cost-effective choice. Try making making your meals at home. Not only can you control what goes into the meal, and save a couple of bucks, but also it’s a skill to learn. Step that wrist game up.

12. Meditate

Take some time out the day to meditate. Not only does meditation helps to reduce stress, but it also regulates mood and lowers blood pressure.


Final thoughts: Remember consistency is key. Research shows it takes about three weeks (or more) before an action can become a routine. In that time you might have a few misfires (and that’s okay), but don’t let a bad lap stop your marathon. Keep going, you got this! If this article has been helpful or you have other positive habits you started this year, let us know in the comments.

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