10 Essential items that will refine your wardrobe. 

In a lifetime there will be events that require appropriate attire for the occasion. Your wardrobe may not be prepared for all social occasions. Depending on your profession, lifestyle, and experience you may not see the need to keep certain items in your closet. So here are ten items that will not only prepare you for most affairs but also improve your sartorial horizons. 



The necktie is a must have in your wardrobe. One or two solid, neutral colored ties will cover all of your bases getting you off to a good start.  We suggest shades in black, navy, red, and gray. Choose a tie that is proportional to your body type. Neck ties can be worn anytime you need to look polished and sharp. Whether it's a casual date or an interview with a fortune five hundred company choosing the perfect necktie will keep you stylish and classy every time.



The oxford shirt is a versatile garment made of tightly woven cotton. You can choose to wear your oxford with casual or formal outfits.  Invest in a quality oxford preferably made with a wrinkle-free material. Buy one in white and one in blue and your styling options will be endless.  The oxford shirt is guaranteed to the test of time.




Buying a pair (or two) of quality dress shoes is a must. The right pair of dress shoes can instantly transform any outfit.  Dress shoes are not just for formal occasions, they are versatile too and can be a rather stylish addition to an otherwise boring casual outfit.  If you are unsure and looking for a style of dress shoe that is fool-proof, then go for an Oxford in black or brown.  The oxford dress shoe is a well-rounded shoe that can provide comfort, style, and clean lines. 


04. SUIT


It is imperative that every man owns a suit. A suit made of quality material and well-fitted should be a staple in your closet. It will get you through any situation.  Whether it be an interview, wedding, graduation, or secret agent mission a suit is appropriate and it is the hallmark of a well-dressed man. Make sure to purchase at least two neutral color suits, one black and another in navy will do. Once you have found the perfect suit take it to your local tailor for a more personal fit.  A tailored fit is a must. 




A pocket square might be one of the most underrated items in a person's closet. The pocket square not only ties together an outfit but also adds a little extra flair to any look. Relatively inexpensive, with a variety of colors and patterns, the pocket square makes a great addition to any wardrobe.  




Never under estimate the power of a properly fitted solid color polo. Your polo should fit your body type properly, it should not be bellowing and not so tight that it is restricting blood-flow. Polo shirts are available in plenty of colors and styles but we recommend a solid color pique if you do not already own this closet staple. Furthermore, you can really add some pop to an outfit by wearing a contrasting color polo. 





Chinos are a great way to add a variety of style options to your closet. Focus on neutrals, then expand.  Grey, black, navy, burgundy and even red will instantly transform your wardrobe.  Chinos are an investment, buy good quality and take them to a tailor.  The devil is in the details and a well-fitted pair of chinos will be worth the extra time and effort.   





Canvas tennis shoes are the perfect accessory. They can be worn with a variety outfits. You can wear your canvas shoes with chinos, a suit, shorts, jeans....the possibilities are endless.  Some styles even look good with age.  A well-worn (not worn out) canvas shoe can add a flair of casual ruggedness that can only be acquired through experience.  Choose lighter colors for spring and summer and darker colors can be worn throughout the year. 




Rounding out a stylish clothing arsenal is the sports jacket.  It is easy to overlook how much versatility a sports jacket will add.  There are two typical versions of the sports jacket, unstructured and structured, and both have their pros.  Unstructured jackets are easy to wear and tend to be the lighter weight which makes it perfect for hot weather.  They are available in a variety of fabrics and effortlessly work for casual looks but can also look good for more semi-formal to formal occasions (depending on the fabric choice).  Structured jackets really hold their own. They tend to be heavier and preferred for chillier weather.  They tend to look more formal because there is more structure giving the jacket shape.  We recommend adding an unstructured sports jacket to your wardrobe.  You will get plenty of wear because it does casual looks effortlessly and can transition into a more formal look if needed.  Do not forget to accessorize your sports jacket by experimenting with different shoe, neckwear, pant and shirt combinations.  


10. BELT



A belt is absolutely essential.  If your pants have belt loops you should fill them even if you are wearing a casual outfit.  When it comes to formal belts, we prefer leather in black or brown.  In the world of casual belts, we are crazy about D-ring belts.  The D-ring belt comes in a variety of styles and is extremely easy to wear.  Choose a coordinating color to refine your outfit or a contrasting pattern to add interest.  Remember your choice in belt should complement the other accessories you choose to wear.  


 We feel that these few items will have you well prepared to be ready for any occasion.  You may not need to wear your suit every week and every day may not be appropriate for your canvas shoes, but you will have them at your disposal.  As you become accustomed to dressing better and expressing yourself through your wardrobe we expect that you will expand upon these basic items and create something truly unique to you, a personal narrative.    

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