Summer is officially here and that means plenty of adventures are on the horizon. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some festivals, trips, and get-togethers with friends and family. With that being said it can be difficult to create an outfit that says “It’s me” while trying to remain cool and comfortable in extreme temperatures and (or) weather conditions. The task to get fly can be downright daunting resulting in you just wearing white tees and shorts all summer (which can be quite boring) and let’s be honest unless you’re a cartoon character in a sitcom who wants to do that. We decided to do a little research and create four solid styles that not only look great but are also practical for the season.



1. The Summer Pattern Print Champ

It’s nothing like having a nice pattern woven shirt for the summer. The trick is finding one that’s comfortable and works well with different garments in your wardrobe. We suggest going with a lightweight, breathable fabric such as cotton or linen to prevent overheating and pairing it with shorts or pants (roll up the pant legs to the ankle for a clean look). Completion the outfit with sneakers that pulls from one of the prominent colors in the shirt for added detail.




2. The Bold and the Light

Some days there’s no way around it, the heat is going to win no matter how you try hard. Look, Mother Nature is undefeated when it comes to this climate game, so our suggestion is to be light and bold. Go with a lightweight graphic t-shirt, shorts, and low-cut sneakers without socks. Be sure to thoroughly wash and dry your feet along with powder before you start your day to avoid swamp foot.



3. Night Prep Casual

As the sun begins to set and the temperature starts to drop, the nighttime is the right time to have an adventure or get into a little bit of trouble (depending on your MO). Whether you’re having casual dinner with friends or hitting the dance floor you don’t want to look like any ol’ body that’s just happy to be outside you want to be the flyest human walking the surface. Don’t overthink it, try a graphic lightweight sweatshirt, shorts, long socks, sneakers or loafers, and a bandanna for added detail. If the night is a little too warm for a sweatshirt, switch to a long sleeve tee for the same effect but without the bulk.



  4. Workwear-ish

Sometimes you just want to get into your workwear bag but the temperature decides it wants to be hotter than two bonfires in the middle of the desert. Wearing the wrong outfit when it’s hot is not only uncomfortable but it puts a real damper on your dapperness. Unless you enjoy looking like sadness, with a side of perspiration and shame, it’s best to avoid layers and just stick with lighter pieces. Keep it simple, try going with a woven shirt (any color), necktie, a pair of contrast color pants, and sneakers. Roll up the sleeve and bottom hem of your pants to not only keep you cooler but also for additional style details.

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