Three Looks To Start 2023 Off Right

 We all need to refresh our style sometimes. A lot of pride and care is taken when developing our style but keeping the same look over a duration of time can start to feel outdated and boring. Making an update on your closet can be overwhelming, difficult, and time-consuming. Thinking about some changes to your wardrobe? Well here are three style ideas for the new year.



        1. Look One: Kimono Ivy

When looking to enhance our style it usual involves stepping out of our comfort zone. The best way to do this is try incorporating new items into our closet. A great garment to add is a black or navy kimono. This traditional Japanese garment can be worn as a top layer piece along with a long sleeve woven, fitted pant, and tie. This look is perfect for an alternative to the traditional workwear casual or ivy prep style.



FEATURED ITEM                                                                                                 

Navajo Necktie



     2. Look Two: Overcoat with Silk Scarf

Sometimes we want to make a statement without going overboard. On those days fit and color combinations are going to be your best friend. We suggest going with a wool overcoat, a bright color hoodie, a contrast silk scarf, matching color pattern pants, a bucket hat, and canvas sneakers to complete the look. This combination brings a streetwear flair with modern sensibilities.




      3. Look Three: Street Ivy

Looking for an easy way to incorporate workwear items with your streetwear items? Pair a sweatshirt, woven shirt, and denim keep the outfit casual. Now include your favorite necktie, baseball, or varsity jacket with a crispy pair of kicks to complete the outfit. We suggest going with a cool and neutral color scheme for easy integration and dashes of bright pop (preferably in the tie) to help balance everything.


FEATURED ITEMS                                                                                                                                                                                          




Ocean Sun Necktie


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